Superbowl ad roundup

I did not like either team in the Superbowl this year so the night was all about the ads for me – and the beer and party food, of course. A lot of the companies released their ads early or at least released teaser ads for their Superbowl ad which is a new phenomenon that I am totally on board with. I was kind of disappointed that the advertisers this year tended to stay away from the funny ads and favor the sentimental ones instead. This can be a risky move as exemplified by the jarring Nationwide commercial however a lot of the companies nailed it. Here are my top 3 ads:

1. Always – Throw like a girl

This is one of my favorite ads of all time. I think it speaks to both girls and boys alike. A longer version of it went viral online in June 2014. P&G put this ad out with the intention of changing the perception people have of doing something “Like a girl”. Always commissioned a study of the ad and says that 76 percent of young women ages 16 to 24 said they no longer saw “like a girl” as an insult after watching the ad. Two out of three men who watched it said they would think twice before using the phrase as an insult, according to the study. I think part of the reason the ad is so powerful is because it’s so simple – no script, just regular people being asked a simple question. While this isn’t something you would expect from a women’s products company, it was executed brilliantly and sparked a larger conversation which is what their marketing team was aiming for.

2. Budweiser – Lost Puppy

Good business people find a something that works and then they exploit it for all that it’s worth. Budweiser found out last year that puppies are awesome and since then they have been capitalizing on that fact. Once again, this is a sentimental ad and Budweiser nailed it. The people who rank these kinds of things ranked this ad the second best of the night, behind Always.

3. Chevy WIFI

While not a sentimental one, this was the first ad of the game and I can honestly say that like much of America, my heart nearly stopped when I thought my cable went out. I was hosting a party and all 11 heads turned to me with their mouths agape when the screen went black. Chevy did a great job of capitalizing on the big game atmosphere and how people would seriously freak out if their cable actually went out. This is a perfect example of advertisers using the fear tactic with a little bit of humor thrown in. Overall an excellent ad with great placement at the beginning of the game.

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