A New Day

Four years ago on this day I cried tears of fear and apprehension.

Today I cried tears of hope, relief, and awe (Hey Kamala)

Four years ago I wrote that we needed to give Trump a chance. Today I’m asking that everyone who is upset that their man didn’t win the presidency, do the same for Biden. Yes he’s flawed and was not my first choice, but he Will Meet This Moment. He has been preparing for this job his entire professional career and I truly believe he can do great things for a lot of people if we ALL just give him a shot.

Give him a chance to unify this country. Give him a chance to get us out of this pandemic and get millions of our friends and neighbors back on their feet. Give him a chance to put a real dent in the climate crisis. Give him a chance to restore our relationships with our allies around the globe. (If you really want to fall in love with him, I’ll tell you the story of when I met him and he called my friend’s mom).

The best part is, if you give him a shot and don’t like it, you can fight like hell to get him out in 2024.

And give yourself a chance too. This is an opportunity for a re-birth. One of my favorite thought leaders likes to say let’s be chronically curious. If you come across someone or something you disagree with, take a second to try to understand why they might think/feel that way and have a conversation about it. Maybe you’ll change your mind! Or you’ll change theirs! For the next four years let’s be curious first, empathetic second, and sticking to our preconceived notions last.

Let’s start a new chapter where you can disagree with someone and don’t need to hate them because of it. Leave behind the divisiveness and vitriol of the last four years and let’s work together to make this a better country for everyone. Every day, each of us has a new opportunity to be better.

To quote the incredible Amanda Gorman from today’s inaugural ceremony:
“For there is always light,
If only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.”

Let’s get to work.

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