When I was in elementary school my goal was to be the four-square Queen by the time I hit 5th grade. In middle school I made it my mission to be on the 8th grade A team in softball. In high school I wanted to achieve a great score on the ACT and get into my top college choices. In college the goal was to come out of those four years with a job. My life has always been about accomplishing one goal so I could get to the next one – an endless string of checking boxes through 18 years of academia.

Well, I did it. I graduated and less than two weeks later was offered and accepted my job here at Principal. But now what? All of my goals in life have led up to this point. What kind of goals am I supposed to set now?

I went to a networking event recently that asked us to list out three goals we can accomplish by the end of 2015. The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the question was that I didn’t have any goals. The second was: does wanting to finish Gilmore Girls on Netflix count?

This event was a great excuse to sit down and think about setting some new goals for my postgrad life. I have a long term goal of owning my own business someday. Thus, an easy way to get started on some short term goals is to build off of that. For instance, I can take on projects and positions that will help me develop the skills necessary for owning a business. As for a short-term goal to accomplish in the next two months, I want to network more and get involved with things at work that force me outside of my comfort zone and allow me to both develop and help the business outside of my desk job. While the latter goal doesn’t necessarily follow the SMART Goals guidelines (measurable) it’s at least a start right?


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