Budweiser’s genius strategy

Budweiser loves to toy with consumer’s emotions – their Super bowl Clydesdale ads are consistently the top trending ads of the evening. This is probably one of the reasons that they have firmly integrated themselves into American culture. When Americans think of beer they think of Budweiser.  In addition to being another feather in Budweiser’s awesome ads cap, this new ad is also a powerful PSA that builds Budweiser’s credibility.

This ad which was rolled out last Friday for Global Be(er) Responsible Day already has over 6 million views. It shows man’s best friend pining for his master’s return after he leaves one night to go drinking with friends. We’ve all seen the shockingly scary ads where someone drinks and drives and kills innocent children or families. I really like this ad because it softens that concept a little bit and shows someone else that will suffer if we drink and drive.

I recently saw an ad from another liquor company touting tolerance and responsibility while drinking. Alcohol companies exist to sell liquor, and lots of it. I think it’s a very good marketing strategy and very strong PR tactic that companies like Budweiser are telling consumers to have a good time but to also be responsible and drink LESS.

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